Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Art Deco Revival - A Near Miss

I spotted this gorgeous piece of art Saturday morning while driving by a neighbor's yard sale, and (I can't believe this in retrospect) kept right on driving.  I knew the sale had started the day before, so I assumed anything left over had to be junk.  I thought it would probably turn out to be a cheap print.
On my way home hours later, it caught my eye again, and this time I stopped.  It turned out to be a mounted and framed art deco revival (70s) Erte silk scarf.  I snapped it up at the asking price.  I haven't decided where it will end up, but I love it.  As I researched Erte, I fell in love with several of the artists' other works and now am keeping an eye on them on Ebay.  Art Deco (think Great Gatsby) is hugely collectible these days, and a piece like this one recently sold for $275.
Here's another amazing score from a different neighbor just down the street.  This mid century wood handled flatware was never used.
The entire service for 12 is now mine!
As vintage needlework is my weakness, I had to rescue these 70s/80s pieces.
Look at that color!

This was the first needlepoint made by the homeowner,
when she was right out of high school, about 35 years ago.  Pretty! 
I love the orange and brown hues in this one.
This one is a little more understated...I might have to turn this one into a cushion.
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  1. Wow, it's stunning. I would have snapped it up too. I love all the vignettes you've created. That filigree bowl is lovely. :)

  2. What a great scarf! I need to learn about art deco in general, so many beautiful things!

  3. The Erte is amazing and I am on the look out for a complete mid century set flatware set! Fantastic finds.

  4. Wow great finds! I love the colors in the first three vintage needlepoints is so gorgerous!

  5. That cutlery set is beautiful.

  6. Wow, everything is wonderful. I love all the wall art. You sure have an eye for great things. Thanks for sharing at the Cabin's BUDGET DECORATING PARTY.

  7. All your finds this week are fabulous. I have one large Erte art piece that I actually bought when Erte was still alive. Love it. I also have a magazine ad for Martex towels from Ladies Home Journal 1928 that he designed (both the ad artwork and the towels). He is one of my favorite artist. I also have a weakness for needlework - I especially love the geese flying piece.

  8. I am dying over your finds this week! That Erte piece!!!That is a DREAM find! I found some similar flatware at a yard sale a couple of years ago and haven't been able to sell it. I really need to, but I love it sooo much!

  9. What a great colorful collection of fabric art.
    Thank you for sharing at the Scoop Link Party this week! Now following your beautiful blog♥

    Linsey at The Farmhouse Porch

  10. I featured one of your retro embroidered pictures today at Mod Mix Monday!

  11. I love that flower needlepoint, I especially love finds with a story behind them. Thanks for linking up to the "Go Get Your Garage Sale On" Linky Party!