Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Treasures

Estate sales were a huge disappointment this weekend.  I went to five, and didn't buy a single thing.  I saw a lot of teddy bear collections, overstuffed furniture, and floral/lace.  The promising mid century items all had condition issues, and I'm being really picky nowadays, so that was a bummer.  

On the plus side it gave me some time to clean up and photograph some fun things that have been piling up in the last few weeks.  Without further ado, here they are: 

Gold plated shamrock paperweight:

I paid more for this one item than all the rest of the items in this post combined!  
I just thought it was really pretty. 

These cigar boxes were only 50 cents each:

They are not vintage, but they will be great for crafts.  

 Again, something for only 50 cents! A metal basket:

I'll probably spray paint this and put a plant in it. 

 I can't get enough of bird art.  This goldfinch is from the late 60s:

More birds:
There's really no way to tell if these hooks are vintage.  
Oh well, that means I get to keep them instead of putting them in the shop! 

Finally, some Pyrex for my booth: 

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Epic Lamps and other Vintage Finds

I hope you're having a lovely week out there in blog land.  I had another busy week and came across some fabulous finds!  I visited an architectural salvage warehouse for the first time this weekend and scored these totally epic mid century (70s?) lamps.  I'm keeping these for sure, and just need to find the appropriate shades.
Huge Vintage Brass Armillary Sphere Lamp - $25.  Yup. Mine.

The Scales of Justice Lamp - $25.  Perfect for my husband's law office!  
My 5 year old son immediately started playing with it. 

As one would imagine, the Hulk is definitely the heaviest Avenger. 

I also scored this cute vintage fabric.  
The top fabric is a retro pillowcase, in the middle is a sheet, and on the bottom is some Waverly Home Decor fabric.  Do I really need more vintage fabric for my stash?  Yes, yes, I do. 

I have such a weakness for vintage needlepoint!  I'm not even into the look of cross stitch, but this large sampler was too pretty to leave behind.  I don't know if I'll resell it or maybe remake it into a cute pillow.

Finally, I found these Danish style enamel bowls at an estate sale. They were covered in cobwebs and dirt in the garage when I found them, and I scored the pair for $5.  They were used as planters, so the insides are really scratched and stained, but they are still beautiful! 
These are made in Japan and retail for $50 each in excellent condition. 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Groovy Vintage Finds and More

The nasty weather we've been experiencing has been terrible for foot traffic at the antique mall where I have a booth, but it has been fantastic for Etsy sales!  People are staying home, and wow, are they online shopping.  I'm going to have to work hard to fill my shop back up - nice problem to have, I know!

Here are some of my finds for this week.  I didn't think there would be enough sunlight this weekend to take decent photos, but I spent some time with the camera manual and learned how to crank up the ISO to let more light in the lens.  I think these turned out pretty good considering it was extremely dark inside!

Groovy Recipe's unusual to find three together! 

I love this late 1960s decorating book.  It is full of great ideas and color combinations for mid century style.

This is my favorite room pictured.  Love the green and lucite combination!

I thought this green painted vase was so pretty.  I might have to keep it. 

This metal tray was too beautiful to leave behind. 

Fantastic majolica asparagus serving set

Finally,  couple of Otagiri Victorian ceramic houses.  These are probably part of a Christmas village set, let me know if you've seen these before.  I think they might be early 80s?

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Banner and This Week's Haul

I am so excited to present my new banner above!  I made it all by myself using Picasa, and have to say I'm mighty pleased with myself.  This is because I had been putting off learning photo editing for the longest time - it just seemed so complicated!  However, Picasa makes it pretty foolproof, so thank you Google!

On to the haul:  It felt like a disappointing week, but when I look back, I guess I didn't do so bad.  

First, I stopped at my favorite vintage shop and got these goodies:

The hinged box is in perfect condition, and with a quick coat of white paint, it will sell really fast in my booth. The Holly Hobbie crewel work was irresistible!  I can almost never walk away from needlework, and this one was too sweet.  The striped cashmere scarf and cable knit sweater are for recycled sweater vases that I want to make.  I've seen them all over blogland and can't recall where I saw them first, but By Stephanie Lynn had a great post quite a while ago on these here.

I also found this adorable original artwork:
It is listed in my shop.

I also listed this little vintage coin purse.  These sell so fast, and I like to have some items at lower price points.  My shop is fairly new, so turning around quick items like this that are so easy to ship helps my stats (not that anyone's looking but me!).
So cute!

I haven't decided if I should keep this Otagiri Victorian house mug.  It was in new condition, and I think it would look so cute holding my pens. But I have so many vintage mugs that are too cute for words that I may need an intervention! 

 I adore this trinket box that I found at an estate sale last week.  I think I'm keeping this one, especially since I managed to immediately break one of the leaves off after buying it.  Sorry vintage gods!
Pretty Ceramic Yellow Rose Box

 I found this cream and sugar set at the same sale.  I don't think they were ever used.

So, all in all not bad, but I'm really looking forward to spring, when vintage season really hits full swing!  

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